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Our Culinary Journey

                    Zaaki Hummus Hut began when a man and his grandfather were committed to make and serve the best hummus the world has ever tasted. It’s not just the ingredients that make our hummus great, it's the recipe. The secret recipe and family love from inside the kitchen is what makes our hummus fantastic and it is our duty now to let you have a taste. 

          My grandfather has been a cook for many years now. He is now 75 and has lived in the Middle East for most of his life making and experimenting with the famous dish,  hummus. When he discovered what the best recipe was many years ago, he stuck to it, bringing it across many arab countries and dropping the jaws of known chefs and hummus makers. When restaurant owners begged him for the recipe, he knew his hummus was a keeper and wanted the world to try it. I, being the entrepreneur and his loving grandson, started Zaaki Hummus Hut to make our dream come true and let everybody try his hummus and other flavorful middle-eastern dishes. Together, we started this restaurant and made it a goal to serve you and loved ones the most creamy, authentic, and flavorful hummus on the market. Come to 654 Mcbride Ave, Woodland Park, NJ, 07424 or order online to experience real middle-eastern cuisine!

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